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Jun 30, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Social, Videos

In the northern region of Mongolia, children brave treacherous conditions to attend school. The documentary, “Journey to School in Mongolia,” follows the lives of Tuguldur, a 10-year-old nomadic boy, and Delgertsetseg, a 12-year-old nomadic girl, as they embark on their daily journey to school.
Tuguldur’s Story
Every day, Tuguldur rides his horse alone to school. In order to get to school, he must cross the frozen Tunkhel river. The appearance of the ice is ever-changing and can be treacherous. The sun softens the ice on certain parts of the river’s surface, making it difficult to trust the ice everywhere. Falling into the cold water is a constant threat, and it could be fatal. Tuguldur has no one to help him if anything goes wrong. One courageous decision and his horse could slip on the ice or even worse, break through the surface. But Tuguldur has no other way to get to school.
For Delgertsetseg, a girl in a nearby village, getting to school is no less challenging. Her father delivers her in a motorbike, even though the police have banned the use of motorbikes in villages during the winter months, citing safety concerns. Delgertsetseg’s father must take this risk as he does not have money for a safer car. Despite the deep ruts and slippery snow slopes, Delgertsetseg is determined to reach school.
As you watch “Journey to School in Mongolia,” you cannot help but wonder whether these children’s daily journey is worth the risk. However, as the documentary progresses, you discover that these children do not see it that way. The ever-smiling faces of Tuguldur and Delgertsetseg reveal their eagerness and enthusiasm for school. The risk is part of their daily life, and it has become something they are accustomed to.
For these two nomadic children, the highlight of their journey to school is the warm and ice-free spring season, which is just around the corner. It is a time they eagerly anticipate, despite their daily hardships.
Journey to School in Mongolia” is a fascinating documentary that chronicles the daily lives of these nomadic children and their journeys to school. It is a testament to the resilience, determination, and courage of these young children who, despite facing immense challenges, remain enthusiastic and committed to their education. So why not watch the documentary for yourself and discover the true meaning of perseverance?

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