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Jun 4, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

Many children worldwide take simple tasks such as attending school for granted. But for the kids living in remote areas of northwest Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental, going to school is nothing but a daring adventure. The journey to the only school in the area involves deadly scree slopes and steep canyons, which are risky even for expert hikers; imagine being a 6-year-old attempting this treacherous route all by yourself.
This is the daily reality for Lorenzo and his sisters Teresa, Angela, and Philomena, who live in the remote Mexican mountains in the Rarámuri indigenous community. To escape poverty, Lorenzo must literally hike an altitude of over 1000m, which can be fatal if he slips. But it is not just the altitude that makes this journey dangerous; the route requires them to cross slippery rocks, narrow rocky paths, sharp rock edges, a stream, and steep uphill climbs. And in the rainy season, when the stream turns into a raging torrent, it becomes almost impossible to cross.
Even though they face dangerous circumstances, these children undertake the journey to attend school every day. The school is as important to them as the air they breathe. In their daily lives, they depend on agriculture and livestock for survival and support. Their only hope to escape poverty is to receive an education and obtain jobs in city areas.
The incredible journey to reach school in rural Mexico is the subject of a fascinating documentary. The documentary provides a glimpse into the harsh reality of the Rarámuri indigenous community’s life. Watch it and be inspired by these children’s courage and determination.
So, don’t miss out. Watch the documentary, explore, and appreciate the value of education in our lives.

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