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May 14, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime? “Chadar: The Frozen River Trek,” a documentary that follows the treacherous journey of a family making their way to a boarding school, is an absolute must-watch.
The story follows Father Latak, a man whose strength and devotion to his family is unmatched. He leads the expedition, testing the ice with a stick before taking each step, to ensure the safety of his children and crew. The journey promises to be grueling with the route covering the most perilous and notorious path in the region: Chadar, the path over the cloak of ice.
As they make the journey over the Chadar, they discover the dangers are not isolated to ice and frostbite. Mountain avalanches can break out at any time, with the looming mountains presenting significant danger. Along the way, the crew must recite Tebean prayers and mantras for protection, with the trek becoming even more dangerous as the effects of climate change take a toll on the ice.
With the sun thawing the river and visibility reduced by the towering mountains, Latak must make crucial decisions for the survival of his team. Leaving his son Motup behind, Latak searches for a new path to proceed on. Along the way, he finds a 20 cm-wide path on the rocks at the edge of the river that is 10 meters high, a path that requires all his extensive skills and experience.
The documentary promises to be a beautiful, yet dangerous exhibition of bravery, love, and unyielding courage in the face of danger. So, are you ready, for an adventure of a lifetime?
Please watch the documentary “Chadar: The Frozen River Trek” to witness the remarkable journey of Latak and his team firsthand.

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