Most Dangerous Ways to School | Brazil

Oct 9, 2023 | Environmental, Lifestyle, People, Videos

In the vast Amazonas region of Brazil, children brave an incredible journey just to get to school. The documentary, which follows the daily lives of schoolchildren like ten-year-old Alice and her sister, provides a sensational insight into the difficulties that the education seekers face.
Despite living in one of the most biodiverse regions in the world, these children must walk through the rainforest or paddle eight kilometers twice a day to attend school and back home. They must also cross the Rio Negro River, a tributary that is up to twenty-seven kilometres wide.
The Rio Negro poses the greatest challenge of all. It’s nicknamed the “river of milk” due to its dark waters, and the children face high waves, harsh weather conditions, and crocodiles while paddling. To stay afloat, they carry not only a backpack but also the fear of navigating the dangerous waters.
For these children and their families, school is the only way to break out of poverty, and education is a highly valued asset. Through the children’s daily struggles, the documentary showcases the determination and willingness to learn that motivates them in their pursuit of their wishes and dreams.
Life in the Amazonas is indeed tough, but these children’s amazing story of survival and hope will fill you with wonder. The documentarian provides an insightful visual representation of their journey in each tense moment throughout their adventures.
Undoubtedly, the journey of these children is an inspiring backdrop for any viewer. Watch the documentary to join these children on their journey and to see how they keep moving forward despite all of the obstacles. Witness their triumph over the daily challenges that life throws their way, making every achievement even more meaningful.

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