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May 9, 2023 | Business, People, Videos

Have you ever heard about the Siberian Ice Road? It’s a treacherous and unpredictable route that doesn’t forgive mistakes, and has left many fractured and broken.
In the Kolymar mountain range in eastern Russia, where temperatures dip as low as fifty degrees below, is an inhospitable, frozen landscape. The region is only accessible in winter, when the snow buries the mudflats underneath. This is when trucks transporting goods, including one of the biggest businesses in the area – gold mining, use the Ice Road.
The trucks are on their own, with no spare lines, workshops, or rescue services, driving over snow-covered mountain passes, temporary bridges, and unpaved ice roads. This is where the battle begins – “Man against Nature’s cold heart”. The aim is to reach the destination in time, without any break, day and night.
One of the many heavy-duty trucks that traverse this perilous route is a colossal machine-like Komatsu D475A. It’s one of the biggest bulldozers in the world and weighs a hefty eighty-six tons, which is more than the heaviest tank.
The mega transport route leads from the Russian Magadan through the tundra of Siberia, covering a total of one thousand kilometers. A treacherous journey that truckers make to supply these gold mines. Every moment is crucial. In a few days, this year’s digging will begin, and if the transport and bulldozer don’t make it there in time, the mine could lose an estimated ton of gold this season!
This intense experience has been documented in a breathtaking film called “Mega Transport: Battling Nature’s Cold Heart”. It’s a story of courage, resilience, and incredible human endurance. Watch as these truckers risk their lives, braving the cruelest elements in nature, to supply mines with the equipment they need to extract gold.
Don’t miss out on this incredible film, as it takes you on an icy, perilous journey that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

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