Most Dangerous Jobs: Demolition Experts, Lumberjacks, Granite Quarry Workers

Oct 11, 2023 | People, Videos

First, viewers will meet Lee Danley, one of the most renowned demolition experts on the US East coast. From taking down buildings to disposing of hazardous materials, Lee has seen it all and will take us through his day-to-day operations on a first hand basis.

Next, we join a special kind of lumberjacks as they work to clear out trees that have grown in the middle of the Panama Canal and are obstructing shipping. This treacherous job not only requires incredible strength but also a steady hand and sharp eye as these lumberjacks must chop down these large trees without causing any further damage to their environment.

Finally, we travel down into what is arguably one of the largest granite quarries in the world where viewers can witness firsthand just how hard workers have to labor to harvest massive rock formations. This unbelievable task requires dedication and strength beyond compare so make sure you tune in to see it for yourself!

If you’re looking for an exciting show packed with adventure and danger then look no further than this week’s episode of Mavericks Unlimited! Join us as we follow along with some of the toughest people from around the globe who take on difficult jobs every single day. With remarkable cinematography and breathtaking visuals, this episode is sure to provide insight into a whole other level of work ethic – don’t miss it!

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David B