Moria: The EU’s failed refugee policy

Jul 27, 2023 | Justice, Political, Social, Videos

The Moria refugee camp, located on the Greek island of Lesbos, has become a symbol of the failure of EU Policy on immigration. For years now, refugees have been living in unacceptable conditions, laying bare the flaws of the EU’s handling of the crisis. The world held its breath in September 2020 when a fire broke out at the site, finally bringing the issue into sharp focus. As pressure on the EU Commission to draft a new refugee agreement mounts, “Moria: The Camp that Reveals the EU Failings” investigates how the situation in this microcosm of the crisis came to be.
Over the course of a year, the filmmakers followed the journeys and stories of the refugees in Moria, giving voice to those shaped by the corrupt policies of the border control. With interviews from EU officials, politicians, and experts from around the globe, the documentary presents a comprehensive analysis of how the situation in Moria is a reflection of the long-failing migration policies of the broader scale. The film explores the division among member-states, the bureaucracy that hampers the process of granting asylum, and the search for solutions after years of political deadlock, with a focus on the humanitarian perspectives of refugees. “Moria: The Camp that Reveals the EU Failings” is a powerful documentary that provides a frank and unforgiving look at one of the most pressing challenges facing the EU and the world today, tackling issues of human rights and social justice that are highly relevant in the present times.

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David B