Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud

Dec 27, 2023 | Business, Economics, Videos

The Federal Reserve, or ‘the Fed’ as it is often referred to, remains one of the most mysterious organisations in the history of American government. Established during Wilson’s presidency to protect the economy from financial turmoil, its real purpose has remained unclear.

The Fed was created because U.S. government saw a need for financial accountability in times of economic hardship. The secretive nature of the Fed’s operations has led many to speculate about its business dealings and activities.

However, many are unaware that the primary business of the Fed is two fold – it prints money out of thin air and then lends this money to the US government with interest attached. This interest is then divided between shareholders and politicians alike, keeping these operations hidden from public view and allowing them to accumulate wealth at an alarming rate without scrutiny or oversight.

To uncover more about this controversial organisation and its influence on international politics, it’s essential to watch the documentary about its activities – which will provide you with all you need to know about this mysterious entity. Uncovering connections between The Federal Reserve and other secret international organisations is an important part of understanding how these powerful forces shape our world today – don’t miss your chance to find out more!

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David B