Mongolia: between tradition and globalization – Founders Valley (1/10)

Oct 8, 2023 | Culture, Environmental, Videos

Founders Valley takes viewers on a journey across Mongolia, a rapidly shifting nation with endless potential. Accompanied by pioneering German entrepreneur Fridtjof Detzner, the series delves into the country’s emerging market and highlights the exceptional individuals striving to break barriers and achieve their entrepreneurial dreams.
As Detzner roams through the unchartered territories, his path intersects with a myriad of innovative founders and visionaries seeking to capitalize on global markets. From revolutionizing traditional industries to introducing cutting-edge technology, each entrepreneur offers a unique glimpse into their journey of unbridled hope and sheer resilience. With gripping insights and fascinating tales of ambition, Founders Valley inspires and captivates viewers with its rare glimpse into the future of entrepreneurship.

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David B