Money, Banking, and The Federal Reserve System

Dec 27, 2023 | Business, Economics, Videos

For over a century, Americans have been familiar with the name “Federal Reserve” without really knowing what it is or how it works. The Federal Reserve is an independent agency of the federal government that acts as the central bank to regulate monetary policy and credit conditions in the United States. It was founded in 1913 with the dual mandate of achieving maximum employment and stable prices, and has become one of the most influential economic institutions in the world. However, many people still don’t understand its immense power and influence on our lives.

Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson famously fought against what they called “The Monster” – referring to the nation’s central banking system – but their warnings went unheeded for more than a century. Now, a new documentary, “The Fed”, spearheaded by Nobel Prize-winning economist Murray N. Rothbard, is here to educate us about this pivotal institution. Featuring interviews from Ron Paul, Joseph Salerno, Hans Hoppe and Lew Rockwell, The Fed provides a comprehensive explanation of how our current system works – from why it was established to how it affects our economic lives today – as well as an exploration into sound money and banking that could help put an end to statism, inflation and business cycles created by the Federal Reserve.

In this eye-opening 42 minute film, viewers will learn more about what kind of impact the Federal Reserve has had on our economy over the years through interviews with leading economists who have devoted their lives to understanding this complex institution. Alan Greenspan isn’t too keen on this project – which speaks volumes about its potential impact – so you won’t want to miss out! Whether you’re already familiar with economics or are just beginning your journey into understanding these concepts, The Fed is sure to give you an insight into this critical topic like no other film before it.

It’s time we all become educated about our nation’s most powerful financial institution and gain greater control over our own economic destiny. So watch “The Fed” today for an accessible yet deep examination of America’s central bank system that will not only inform but also motivate viewers everywhere!

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David B