Moleman 2: Demoscene: The Art of the Algorithms

Dec 27, 2023 | Technology, Videos

In the early 1980s, a technological revolution began to sweep the world with the introduction of affordable home computers like the Commodore 64. These machines opened up new and exciting worlds of creativity and artistry for people, allowing them to explore their artistic side in ways that were previously impossible. One such form of art was the ‘demoscene’ – a type of digital artwork where computer code, mathematics and audio-visual elements were combined into short animated music videos.

The demoscene has since grown into an international subculture with its own set of creative rules and standards. It continues to attract talented programmers and artists who strive to create 3-minute masterpieces that push the boundaries of what is possible on 30-year-old technology. To get a better understanding of this underground culture, viewers can watch Moleman – an inspiring documentary which delves into the world of demoscene artistry with interviews from creators and behind-the-scenes footage from events such as Revision party in Germany.

Moleman is an excellent example of what can be created when passionate individuals come together to create something beautiful. It celebrates modern digital art while also exploring its roots in classic home computing technology. By watching this documentary, viewers can gain insights into this vibrant countercultural movement and appreciate how far it has come over the years.

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David B