Moldova Next Generation: Putin’s Next Victim?

Dec 13, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

Moldova is a small country nestled between Romania and Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Recently, it has been facing a rapidly escalating threat from Russia, making many of its young people feel uncertain about their future. One young Moldovan is taking matters into her own hands to try and make a difference: DJ Borș.

After the war in Ukraine began, Borș returned to Moldova with an agenda: to use her passion for music to revitalize the party scene in Chisinau. Her initiative, “Make Borș Not War” seeks to bring together diverse crowds of people who can then network and collaborate on projects that could benefit the entire nation.

Through her efforts, DJ Borș has been able to attract hundreds of people from all walks of life – from DJs and producers, to business owners and government officials – giving them an opportunity to come together for one common cause. Her mission is not only about creating an entertaining nightlife scene; she also wants to use her platform as a way for people to brainstorm ideas that could help Moldova become more prosperous and secure against external threats.

As part of her initiative “Make Borș Not War”, DJ Borș recently released an inspiring documentary which captures the spirit of unity and determination among the young people of Moldova in the face of adversity. The documentary explores what it means to live in such turbulent times and how music can serve as a unifying force for those affected by geopolitical crises. It’s an eye-opening look at how powerful art can be when it comes to inspiring resilience during difficult times.

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