Mohamed VI – the limits of power

Jul 9, 2023 | History, People, Videos

This documentary delves into the reign of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, who celebrated 20 years since his ascension to the throne in 2019. Known as the “king of the poor” and “the king of cash,” this film provides a critical assessment of his two decades of absolute power. With a population of 36 million people and one of the oldest dynasties in the world, Morocco is a country that is heavily impacted by the king’s enormous power.
Despite the country’s challenges with poverty, illiteracy, and unrest, King Mohammed VI has implemented social reforms, modernized the constitution, and worked towards transforming the economy. This documentary provides a unique portrait of a man who was groomed his entire life to become the king of Morocco, but who faces important questions about the future of his country. How does he see the future of Morocco? What progress has the kingdom made under his rule? Viewers will gain insight into the king’s reign and the ways in which relinquishing some of his powers may impact his own ability to rule.

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David B