Mo Farah - Race of His Life

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Mo Farah has won four gold Olympic medals, and four World Championships gold medals. He is arguably one of the best marathon runners of all times. The years and the opponents might change, but Mo Farah does not change. He stays constant. His strategy stays constant: accelerating in the final lap and then sprinting the last 100 meters.

The documentary “Race of His Life” tells the life story of the greatest and most successful athletes Britain ever had. If you ever wondered what it takes to be a champion, Farah tells it best. Two times in the movie, he is seen after a loss, devastated and crying. And then he rises again.

In his own words “Pain in the butt. This is that it takes to be a champion”. The documentary perfectly illustrates the loneliness of the long-distance runner. He openly discusses controversies surrounding his coach, as well as what he had to sacrifice to get where he is.

Greats like Usain Bolt and Lord Coe are also featured in the movie, sharing their thoughts on the athlete.

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