Michael Jordan: The Wizard Years

Nov 6, 2022 | Personal Triumphs, Sports, Videos

Few days ago, Michael Jordan celebrated his 53rd birthday. In the world of basketball, he is known as the greatest player that ever played the game, mostly because of his Chicago Bulls days.

For most people, the last lasting memory of Michael Jordan is “The Shot Volume 2”, the one he took over Bryon Russell to give Chicago the victory in Game 6 of the 1998 Finals. Jordan won his sixth Finals MVP, and the Bulls won their second three-peat.

But what happened to Jordan and that celebrated Bulls team after the 1998 title? Jordan retired for the second time, Rodman played one more year for the Lakers, and one for the Mavericks, while Pippen played one year for Houston and then signed with the Portland Trail Blazers. Suffice to say, neither of them experienced the success they had with the Bulls. Pippen came closest, playing in the Western Finals in 2000. Steve Kerr, a role player on the Bulls, was the only one to win more titles, two, with the San Antonio Spurs. The Bulls finished with the third worst record in the league, 13-37 in a lockout shortened season.

The documentary takes a look at Jordan’s second comeback from retirement, this time for the Washington Wizards. However, before you get there, you can also take a look at some rare footage from Chicago practice after the 1998 Championship, where Jordan takes on his teammates.

When talking to reporters, Jordan stated he made his decision and he never second guessed it. Featuring some post-game interviews, MJ speaks about the struggle it is to come back from retirement and play the game at a high level on 38 years.

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Riyan H.