Michael Jordan – ESPN Basketball Documentary

Jun 19, 2022 | Sports, Videos

Michael Jordan was recently challenged by Chris Paul at his basketball camp to hit all shots, or he was about to give all campers free Jordan sneakers. Jordan accepted the challenge, and no matter what CP3 was trying to do to disrupt Michael and his shooting rhythm, the GOAT delivered.

That being said, it might be the perfect time to remember Jordan, the greatest player of all time in basketball. Now at the age of 53, Jordan is still able to shot without even touching the net.

The ESPN documentary takes a different look at the greatest players, checking the Chicago Bulls, and how they went from a lowly basketball team, to a dynasty and record-breaking franchise.

Also featuring are Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, two great players that passed the torch to MJ, who managed to revolutionize basketball, and bring its popularity to heights nobody thought were possible.

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Riyan H.