Michael Jackson is remembered as one of the most iconic figures in modern history, and his influence is still felt around the world today. His impact was so immense that he was famously crowned ‘King of Pop’ by the media. In a life that spanned barely over five decades, Jackson achieved unparalleled success as an entertainer and changed the face of popular music culture forever.

But behind this fame, Jackson endured many personal struggles, some of which were not known to his millions of fans. To explore Michael’s life further, a new documentary is being released which seeks to uncover the details of his story through interviews with those closest to him. Through never-before-seen footage and candid conversations with family members, viewers can get an intimate look into understandings of the spirit and determination that drove Michael Jackson throughout his life.

From his early childhood in Gary, Indiana, to becoming one of the most decorated performers in history, this documentary provides an unprecedented insight into how Michael rose above adversity and ultimately made a lasting impression on popular culture. Not only will it offer a captivating view of Jackson’s tumultuous journey but it also serves as an ode to the incredible resilience and remarkable talent possessed by this legendary star.

So if you’re looking for an inspiring tale that