Miami Resort | Building Demolition | BlowDown | S01 E03

Jul 9, 2023 | People, Videos

If you’re a fan of demolition and the high-stakes, high-risk work of Controlled Demolition, Inc., then you won’t want to miss “Miami Resort Demolition: Blowdown.” This four-part series takes a deep dive into some of the most challenging projects undertaken by this renowned team from Phoenix, Maryland.
In this episode, the team travels to Bal Harbour in Miami Beach, Florida to take down the old Sheraton Bal Harbour Beach Resort. This was once one of North America’s premier luxury resorts, hosting notable figures such as Frank Sinatra and John F. Kennedy. But over time, the resort lost some of its shine, and developers purchased the property to make way for a billion-dollar condominium/hotel development.
The stars of the film are the two major structures that make up the core of the resort’s property: a 17-story hotel tower and a 12-story parking complex with hotel rooms on the top floors. The demolition team has to contend with the challenge of undermining a structure built to withstand hurricane forces, while also being just 18 feet away from one set of neighbors.
To bring the towers down, the team will use both dynamite and shaped charges – more than 500 pounds of blasting power. The shaped charges are high-velocity explosives similar to those used in armor-piercing shells and warheads. The team uses the charges to cut structural steel inside the towers.
The team has just 10 days to prepare, load, and implode the resort complex, which is worrying given the challenge of undermining such a structure. During the demolition, the major concern is the dust cloud created by the implosion.
Don’t miss this exciting episode of “Miami Resort Demolition: Blowdown” to witness the challenge of Controlled Demolition, Inc. in action as they take on one of their most demanding projects to date!

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