Mexico – Fear of Trump’s wall

May 8, 2023 | People, Political, Social, Videos

Fear of Trump’s Wall is a groundbreaking documentary that immerses viewers in the lives of millions of Mexicans living in the United States. The film provides a detailed account of how President Trump’s hard-hitting immigration policies have already affected the personal and professional lives of many Mexicans, many of whom fear they will soon be deported to a country they haven’t seen in decades.
From interviews to depictions of protests, the documentary offers a unique perspective on life for Mexicans living in the US during the Trump administration. Viewers will be moved by the emotional narratives of the affected individuals and families, as well as by the powerful images of demonstrations and human resilience. Fear of Trump’s Wall is an essential viewing experience for anyone interested in understanding the social, political, and cultural impact of Trump’s immigration policies on the Mexican community.

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David B