Memphis Belle: The Last Mission

  • Published 7 years ago
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This documentary represents a detailed record of the last assignment of the Memphis Belle crew operating a Boeing B-17. The film is directed by Major William Wyler, the credit for the narrative goes to Eugene Kern. The scenes at Bassingbourn base were photographed by Captain William H. Clothier, a Hollywood cinematographer.

This heavy bomber earned the title of being the first craft to complete 20 missions over Europe before going back to the US. In this exciting documentary you will have a chance to see the original scenes from battle, recorded on a 16 mm color film by First Lieutenant Harold J. Tannenbaum.

The documentary is made with the help of the First Motion Picture Unit, which is a branch of the US Army Air Forces. The purpose of this documentary was to raise moral of the troops and the Home Front by depicting the courage of the soldiers who operated these bombers on a daily basis.

This is the account of the last formal mission of the Memphis Belle, carried out on May 15th in 1943. This crew would fly just one more time after this mission.

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