Mega Constructions: Ship on Legs, Top 3 Ferris Wheels, Hotel of the Future

Oct 23, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Dive deeper into three exciting and off-beat topics with the documentary “A Ship on Legs”, featuring episodes on the fascinating phenomenon of “ship on legs”, the top three largest Ferris wheels in the world, and the world’s first fully automated hotel in Hangzhou, China.
The program explores the unexpected concept of “ship on legs” and takes the viewers on a journey to Gdansk to witness one of these in the middle of the ocean. Wonder how a ship can stand on legs? You won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to discover the answer to this fascinating question.
The documentary also features the world’s largest ferris wheels, and the story behind them. Watch as the program takes you on a tour to some of the most picturesque places and helps you discover the ferris wheel with the best view of the city, so you can plan your next trip and enjoy an incredible experience.
Another exciting episode of the documentary explores the first fully-automated hotel in the world, located in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. Without staff and filled with robotics and technology, this hotel raises the question about whether it should be called a hotel or a modern lab. You will be amazed at the features and incredible functions that this futuristic hotel has to offer.

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David B