Mega Constructions: Biggest Marshaling Yard, Suspension Bridge & Intersection

Jun 4, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Are you fascinated by the world’s biggest construction projects? The engineering documentary, Mega Constructions, takes you behind the scenes of three of the largest projects in Europe. Here’s a sneak peek:
Europe’s Largest Shunting Station
Discover the largest shunting station in Europe, with its gigantic network of rails. The documentary gives you a unique look at what goes on behind the scenes of this impressive infrastructure project.
Europe’s Longest Suspension Bridge
Have you ever witnessed the opening of a new suspension bridge? Mega Constructions takes you to witness the unveiling of the longest suspension bridge in Europe, located in Reutte in Tyrol. The bridge is over 400 meters long and capable of supporting a weight of over 70 tons. You’ll learn how the project came about and why even a small toy helicopter played a crucial role.
World’s Biggest Intersection
Experience the largest and most complicated intersection in the world. With five levels and 20 junctions, it’s no wonder navigating this intersection can be quite the adventure, but also dangerous. The documentary highlights the mechanization behind the intersection and reveals how it operates.
Now you can have access to this awe-inspiring documentary. The storytelling is engaging and informative, making it fun and easy for you to understand the construction of the mega projects. Go ahead and watch it to get a full understanding of these incredible feats of engineering.

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David B