Meet Germany’s first robot lecturer

Sep 11, 2023 | Activism, People, Technology, Videos

In the age of artificial intelligence, students at German University have a new teaching assistant who is creating a lot of buzz: Yuki, a humanoid robot with advanced capabilities. Yuki is helping English language professor Jürgen Handke revolutionize education in multiple ways, using cutting-edge digital technologies to enhance his teaching and deliver personalized support to students. As a machine capable of sensing students’ academic performance and needs, Yuki is changing the dynamics of classrooms and sparking debates about the future of education.
But how do students feel about learning from a robot? And what happens to the role of teachers in this new scenario? These and other pressing questions are explored in “Yuki: The Robot Lecturer,” a groundbreaking documentary that follows Yuki and Professor Handke as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI into higher education. From the origins of Yuki’s creation to the reactions of students and faculty, the film provides a unique and thought-provoking insight into the convergence of technology and pedagogy. Will Yuki transform the way we learn and teach? Watch the documentary to find out.

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David B