Maybe Logic

Dec 20, 2023 | Social, Videos

Robert Anton Wilson is an enigmatic figure who has played a major role in 21st century Western counterculture. From his early days at Playboy to his more recent work as a Taoist sage and Discordian Pope, he has left a lasting impression on many aspects of modern culture.

Maybe Logic – The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson is a documentary that captures the life and ideas of this enigmatic figure. It features over 100 hours of footage from 25 years, edited together with wit and precision to provide viewers with an insight into Wilson’s philosophy. The film follows the path of Robert Anton Wilson, from the everyday events to the realm of Sirius where he finds himself alone in the vast star fields.

Through these journeys we see how Wilson’s optimism and intelligence provide him with valuable insight into our world – helping him understand human perception, mathematical probabilities and spooky synchronicities across eight dimensions. Maybe Logic allows us to share in this understanding, providing us with a unique window into the mind of this influential figure.

If you are looking to broaden your understanding of modern Western culture, then Maybe Logic – The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson is definitely worth watching. This award-winning documentary offers an intriguing journey through the life and ideas of one man who has forever changed our cultural landscape. Through its captivating narrative it encourages its viewers to think beyond their current boundaries – providing an opportunity for them to explore new perspectives on reality.

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David B