Masoud’s list – one man against the IS

Dec 23, 2023 | People, Videos

For almost nine months, Masoud Aqil, a Syrian journalist, was held hostage by so-called Islamic State, facing torture and death threats that were a part of his everyday routine. In September 2015, his freedom was secured in a prisoner exchange, and he now resides in Germany. However, that hasn’t stopped him from seeking revenge. Directed by Frank Hofmann, “Masoud’s List” tells the story of a former prisoner who is now a hunter of ISIS supporters.
With his own online research and the help of Kurdish contacts, some from within the Syrian-Kurdish People’s Protection Units, Masoud Aqil has tracked down several suspected ISIS supporters, ones he became acquainted with during his nine-month ordeal in the torture chambers of the terrorists. Most of them are now living in refugee housing in Europe. Masoud Aqil has reported the suspects to German authorities, and more and more refugees are following his example. “Masoud’s List” is a documentary about a man fighting for justice, even after he was stripped of his own.

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David B