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Dec 8, 2023 | People, Videos

The award-winning documentary ‘X’ is a must-watch for anyone interested in India’s judicial system. Directed by celebrated filmmaker Y, the film offers a unique insight into the realities of the Indian judicial system and its effects on people from all walks of life.

Spanning three years, from 2012 to 2015, ‘X’ was shot in numerous cities throughout India, as well as Dubai, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Upon its release in 2016, it was screened across more than 26 cities worldwide. Moreover, the film has been endorsed by Indian Judicial Academies for use in sensitizing both judicial and police officers to its key themes and messages.

This film is an absolute must-watch for those seeking an unfiltered view of India’s justice system – one that reveals both its triumphs and tribulations. Through interviews with lawyers, victims of crime and their families, as well as police officers and activists, ‘X’ presents a comprehensive overview of this crucial element of Indian society which so often goes unseen.

For anyone looking to be moved and inspired by stories of resilience amidst injustice – as well as gain a better understanding of India’s judicial infrastructure – then ‘X’ is definitely worth your time!

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David B