Mark Ronson: How sampling transformed music

Dec 7, 2022 | Media, Music, Videos

We all know Mark Ronson as the mega popular DJ, songwriter, record producer and musician in general. His popularity reached international level with the mega-popular song Uptown funk with Bruno Mars.

What has been special about Ronson is his ability to produce addictive beats. And now, we have the secret to it. Ronson loves to take samples from existing music, and improve them.

But according to Ronson, sampling has transformed music. Sampling is not “hijacking nostalgia wholesale”. Quite the contrary, sampling is actually inserting part of yourself into the narrative of an existing song, and then pushing that story forward.

Some 30+ years, the first digital samples emerged on the surface. And all of a sudden, artists were able to sample from anything and everything that came before them. And that is what changed music to better.

Watch Mark Ronson full presentation at TED Talks.

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Riyan H.