Mariupol, the Chechens and Putin

Jul 19, 2023 | Environmental, Military/War, People, Videos

In the conflict raging in the eastern regions of Ukraine, a surprising yet powerful force has emerged: Chechen battalions. As their name implies, these fighting forces are made up of Chechens from Russia’s North Caucasus republics who have come to support their Ukrainian brethren against forces loyal to the Kremlin.

The Chechen battalions have earned a reputation for their brutal and uncompromising tactics. In Mariupol, for example, they are known for their willingness to carry out swift and decisive counter-attacks against Russian-backed separatists and use heavy weaponry that is otherwise unavailable to Ukrainian forces. Despite their reputation for brutality, however, many Chechens are fighting alongside Ukrainians in Mariupol with great distinction.

These Chechen fighters have gone above and beyond in aiding Ukrainian forces through acts of incredible bravery and courage in some of the most intense battles in eastern Ukraine. From reinforcing defenses to storming separatist positions on foot while under heavy fire, these brave fighters have shown no fear in defending their adopted country from Russia’s aggression.

The story of these extraordinary warriors can be seen in a new documentary titled “Chechen Soldiers: The Fighters of Mariupol” which tells the inspiring story of how these brave men chose to fight alongside Ukrainians even though they had no prior military experience or training. It is an incredible tale of courage and resilience that will leave viewers spellbound and grateful for the sacrifices made on behalf of freedom.

We urge all who care about freedom and justice to watch this important documentary about Chechen soldiers who are putting themselves at risk so that others may live without fear or oppression. Through their remarkable acts of bravery, these soldiers have demonstrated what it means to be truly heroic and embody the values we should all strive towards – values like courage, honour, loyalty and justice

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David B