Marathon Day – Boston 15.4.13, There are two sides to every story

May 9, 2022 | 9/11, Conspiracy, Media, Videos

April 15, 2013 is a day well remembered in Boston. It was one of the worst terrorist attacks, and it happened during the legendary Boston marathon. Following the bombing, marathons all over the world were canceled, and in Boston, the trauma and memories from the Marathon were fresh years later.

But there are two sides in every story, and this documentary tries to look beyond just the standard facts and timeline of the attack. The documentary makes a great comparison between the mainstream media, and how the story unfolds in mainstream media, and what are the questions people all over the world ask.

Disclaimer: all news and reports used in the documentary are 100% authentic, and they can be verified as they are available on the internet.

The main subject of the documentary is mainstream versus alternative media. So, what happens when an event with a magnitude of one of the worst terrorist attacks is in play? How do alternative media, blogs, twitter and independent internet media react? How much their story is different from traditional media?

The documentary will try to answer some of the questions asked by millions of people, including who was behind the attack, who gains from terror attacks, the role of the FBI and much more.

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Riyan H.