Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948

Apr 14, 2024 | History, Videos

The life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi has been an inspiring example to millions around the world. His incessant search for Truth, his dedication to peace and justice, and his message of non-violence amidst a world filled with hatred and violence have earned him the title of a great soul. Now, the Gandhi National Memorial Trust is proud to present the first complete biographical documentary film on his life: ‘Gandhi – The Man and His Search for Truth’.

This documentary is an ambitious attempt at presenting a full picture of Gandhi’s many-splendoured life and accomplishments. It combines animation, live photography, old prints, and narrative in order to give viewers a comprehensive look into not only Gandhi’s personal journey but also India’s struggle for freedom. Narrated mostly in his own words – making it all the more intimate – this truly remarkable film offers much insight into the passions which guided Gandhi throughout his life.

From his philosophy of truth and non-violence that served as an inspiration during India’s fight for independence from British rule, to the countless campaigns he initiated such as khadi spinning which embodied this same spirit of self-sufficiency and communal action; from leading protests that sought to confront oppressive laws like salt taxes with peaceful disobedience, to championing causes such as gender equality and religious tolerance – all these are explored in vivid detail through this powerful documentary.

So if you’re looking to gain a better understanding not only about the man who changed India forever but also about India’s struggle for freedom from colonial rule – then ‘Gandhi – The Man and His Search For Truth’ is definitely a must-watch. Through its poignant visuals, captivating narration, and earnest storytelling – it seeks to remind us all that even in our darkest hours we can always find strength within ourselves by staying true to our values.

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David B