Mahatma Gandhi – dying for freedom

May 11, 2023 | History, People, Political, Social, Videos

India is a country with a rich history, but also a tumultuous past. It’s a country that had to fight for its independence from the British Empire, and the path towards liberation was marked by religious conflicts and nationalism. In the midst of it all was Mahatma Gandhi, who became a beacon of hope and a symbol of peace for millions of people worldwide. However, his message of nonviolence was not embraced by everyone, and his life was tragically cut short on 30 January 1948, when he was assassinated by an extremist Hindu.
What led to Gandhi’s assassination, and what happened afterwards? These are the questions that the documentary “India’s Independence: The Road to Religious Conflict” seeks to answer. The film delves into the history of India during its quest for independence, exploring the factors that shaped the country’s destiny and continue to impact it to this day. Through interviews with historians, experts, and eyewitnesses, the documentary sheds light on the events leading up to and following Gandhi’s murder, examining the legacy of the man who was once called “the father of the nation,” and the issues that still divide India today. Join us on a journey through India’s past and present, and discover the story behind one of the most important figures in history.

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David B