Machines Of Ancient China

Dec 13, 2023 | History, Videos

In Ancient China, technology advanced at a remarkable rate and many of the inventions that shape our world today have roots in this oriental civilization. From complex geared machines and precision seismographs to drilling machines and blast furnaces that could forge metal on an industrial scale, Chinese inventors pushed the boundaries of technological innovation in ways that had never been seen before.

The cosmic engine was one such invention – an astronomical computer with extraordinary accuracy, able to track the movements of planets and stars with greater precision than ever before. Such complexity was baffling for centuries but now we are beginning to uncover these mysteries.

A new documentary takes a closer look at how Chinese technology became so advanced and who were the ancient inventors behind these incredible machines? Through interviews with experts and footage of archaeological sites, viewers can gain insight into a civilisation that flourished hundreds of years ago.

This hour-long film offers a captivating exploration into the incredible technologies developed by Ancient Chinese civilizations, giving us an understanding of their complex engineering feats as well as the ingenuity behind them. Far from being shrouded in mystery, we can uncover the secrets behind some of the most impressive items produced by this innovative culture. So why not take time out to watch this amazing story unfold?

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David B