Lviv – A Hospital in Wartime

Sep 20, 2023 | Military/War, People, Political, Videos

A gripping new documentary premiering in March 2022 will take its viewers on a journey into the heart of the war between Ukraine and Russia. Set against the backdrop of a pediatric hospital in Lviv, Ukraine, this film offers an intimate look at a doctor’s daily struggles amidst the chaos and violence of war.

As Russian troops amass at Kyiv’s gates, the physician featured in this documentary is confronted with heartbreaking cases of children caught in the crossfire. From young victims dealing with the physical and psychological trauma of war to parents struggling to keep their loved ones safe from harm, the filmmaker captures it all in stunning detail.

By focusing on these personal stories, this documentary paints an unforgettable portrait of wartime life for those forced to live it. While viewers may feel far removed from the conflict as they watch from afar, this film provides an invaluable glimpse into what life is like for people affected by war on a daily basis.

Through its powerful cinematography and deeply moving narrative, this documentary has already earned acclaim from critics across Europe ahead of its premiere next month. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking look at how war affects everyday life, then don’t miss out on this must-see film when it comes out next March!

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David B