Luxury Stories of the Super Rich: Shared Living, Elite Dogs and Container Homes

Nov 21, 2023 | People, Videos

Come on a journey with us as we explore three fascinating stories, shining a light on unique aspects of modern living. The perfect blend of entertainment and education, you’ll be captivated by the ingenuity on display.
First up, we take a tour of a luxurious New York apartment where residents enjoy a Star-Shared living experience. Say goodbye to domestic chores as cleaning is no longer a concern. It’s easy to understand why the concept is taking off, and our video gives you an exclusive insider look.
Looking for a fierce protector? Meet the elite guard dogs of the super rich. From puppy to powerful protector, it takes hours, days, and weeks of expert training to develop these loyal furry friends. Our special feature takes you behind the scenes as we meet two of the top trainers in the industry. Get ready to be amazed at the incredible bond between owner and canine.
Finally, we delve into the world of shipping containers, and how a few innovative Americans have turned these uniform metal boxes into luxurious homes. It’s a concept that may seem strange at first, but it showcases the incredible ways in which people are adapting to modern housing needs. Join us as we head to the USA and meet the pioneers behind this unique idea.
So, settle in and prepare to be entertained and informed by this incredible documentary. Each story is compelling on its own, but together, they provide a unique insight into modern living. Watch and be inspired!

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David B