Long Treks on Skate Decks

  • Published 7 years ago
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This documentary gives an adrenaline-rushing account of the adventures of Paul Kent, a world record holder, Adam Colton, world famous for his freestyle riding and Aaron Enevoldsen, young extreme sports junky, who set off on a trip of a lifetime, traversing two ranges of the Andes Mountains on skateboards in January 2009.

But the journey is not for the weak-hearted; for the hazards on the trip are not just limited to the harsh terrain, or lack of supplies, it entailed carrying everything they needed for their two-month voyage on their backs through one of the hardest paved bicycle-touring routes in the world and the risk of skateboard riding through a 200 km descent while carrying 30-40 pounds worth luggage on their backs.

The documentary shows them making their way through arid deserts, lush sub tropical environments, mountain passes over 14,000 feet tall, loosely regulated traffic, wild dogs, injuries and malnutrition and even the threatening locals!

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