Long Island Serial Killer

Dec 6, 2023 | Crime, Videos

The unsolved murders at Long Island have been a chilling mystery that has gripped the attention of the nation. In December, what started as a routine search by a Suffolk County detective and his dog became a case of 10 unsolved homicides. The victims were all women, four of whom had advertised on Craigslist, and suspicion has now fallen on a serial killer believed to be hiding in nearby Oak Beach, a gated community located only miles away from where their remains were found.

The families of these murdered women are determined to find justice and have launched their own investigations. But they face an uphill battle due to the wall of silence erected by the Oak Beach residents, who refuse to discuss the matter or help with any leads. Filmmaker Louise Osmond has spent months trying to piece together the clues and gain the trust of these grieving families, while also giving voice to those living in Oak Beach caught in this difficult situation.

Her documentary special seeks to provide greater insight into this unfolding story from both perspectives. Viewers will follow closely as these families search for answers while learning about the plight of those living in extreme insecurity within Oak Beach’s gates. This unique exploration into such an unresolved tragedy begs viewers to watch it unfold through Osmond’s lens and discover whether anyone can finally put an end to this decades-long nightmare.

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David B