Lockup: Criminal Minds

Dec 5, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Criminal Minds on MSNBC is a documentary that every person interested in self-defense should watch. It’s part of the Lockup series and features some of the most violent inmates interviewed by the show. Nine of these criminals recount their crimes with chilling detail, and provide insight into their lives behind bars.

The documentary not only serves to inform viewers of what they might be up against in a life-threatening situation, but also sheds light on why these criminals made such heinous decisions. If you’re looking to understand what drives people to commit violent acts and how it affects them afterward, this documentary is for you.

The interviews with these inmates are raw and honest, as they recall events that have changed their lives forever. Not only do viewers get an understanding of what goes through a criminal’s mind before and during a crime, but also how living in prison affects them mentally and emotionally. It’s an eye-opening experience that many people don’t have the opportunity to see first-hand.

Criminal Minds on MSNBC is an important document for those who take self-defense seriously. Not only will it arm viewers with knowledge about the behavior of criminals, it also allows us to gain greater compassion and understanding for those who end up behind bars for their actions. For this reason alone, everyone should make time to watch Criminal Minds on MSNBC.

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David B