Lock and Roll

Dec 28, 2022 | Lifestyle, Personal Triumphs, Videos

Treaven Mitchell skates since 2002. A friend of his introduced skateboarding to Treaven, and he hasn’t stopped skating since. He loved the sport, and didn’t care about sponsorships in the beginning.

In 2009, he lost his father, and had to close the skateboard shop he run. Mitcell hopes to reopen the shop one day, thanks to sponsorships and him being noticed. His father passed away due to incredibly rare circumstances, and now Mitchell skates in his honor.

Treaven wants to honor the relationship and bond he had with his father. He also has a beautiful daughter, and tries to inspire her and bond with her the way he and his father bonded.

The Lock and Roll documentary is a short, 15 minute documentary, explaining the struggles Mitchell went through when his father was murdered. With the help of friends, family and skateboarding, he managed to make it through. Hopefully, he will get noticed, and Treaven can one day reopen the shop.

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Riyan H.