Living with an extreme disability

Sep 30, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

For Markus Behrendt and Christine Wagner-Behrendt from Kassel, taking care of their son Jascha has been a 13-year journey of strength and resilience. After a bicycle accident that left Jascha paralyzed and relying on artificial respiration since the age of five, the family has been doing its best to maintain a normal life that suits their circumstances. With only the ability to communicate by blinking, Jascha has become the center of their universe, inspiring his two younger sisters, aged 10 and 15, to help out as well.
Markus and Christine’s unbreakable spirit has led them to start the Intensiv-Leben Association, bringing hope and support to other families caring for disabled children. Their dedication to making a difference did not go unnoticed, as the couple was awarded the Bambi in the “silent heroes” category last year. Join Melina Grundmann as she observes the Behrendts’ daily routine, giving viewers a glimpse into a world that many may not understand, yet one that exemplifies the triumph of the human spirit.

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