Living on One Dollar – A Life Changing Documentary

May 18, 2022 | People, Personal Triumphs, Videos

Can you imagine living every day without clean water, little food and poor shelter? There are 1.1 billion people in the world living with just one dollar per day. That is life for Chino, and hundreds of other children in Guatemala and rural villages around the world.

Two students in International Development from US, decide to discover what life is about when you live under those extreme circumstances. Deciding to see and experience for themselves, they join Chino and other children in Guatemala for the whole summer, and film a documentary about.

Take a look at their journey. You can thank the guys for making the documentary later. And if this is a life changing film for you as it is for many, start your next day by thinking how much you waste (money, food, and everything else) on a daily basis.

Truth is, we can be the change we want to see in the world. But in reality, only select few of us are brave and bold enough to give up on their luxury and comfort. Two students did it, and they are an inspiration for others. Follow their lead!

The best part is, you will probably see more smiled faces in the village where Chino and his buddies live with less than one dollar per day than in your own city.

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Riyan H.