Lifelong love – Sex and age

Sep 16, 2023 | Love, Sexuality, Social, Videos

Age may bring wisdom, but it also brings a drop in libido. A recent German study shows that the frequency of sex drops significantly after age 45, leading to frustration and even burdening couples. But what can be done to revive the desire?
In a candid and personal documentary, Tessa Clara Walther follows couples in their twilight years as they explore and experiment with Tantra, erotic adventures, and relationships with partners decades younger. One couple, Dorothea and Wolfgang, turned to spirituality and sexual exploration to rekindle their once fiery passion, while 65-year-old Ute finds sparks of desire in the arms of a man 30 years her junior. Join Tessa as she delves into the secrets and challenges of love, desire, and sexual fulfillment in the later stages of life.

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David B