Life Inside Kerobokan

Apr 13, 2024 | Crime, Videos

Bali, Indonesia is known the world over as a paradise of sun-drenched beaches, lush mountains and vibrant coral reefs. But just beyond these picturesque vacation hotspots lies the notorious Kerobokan jail – a stark juxtaposition of beauty and despair. For the first time ever, ABC Australia has been allowed exclusive access to this iconic facility in their riveting documentary “Life Inside Kerobokan”.

This eye-opening film follows the stories of five prisoners at Kerobokan, all convicted on drug charges. Matthew and Si Yi are serving life sentences for trafficking drugs while David, a war correspondent for Reuters, is spending seven years in prison for possessing hashish. Heru is incarcerated for four years after using methamphetamine while Bagus is serving seven years for fraud.

The inmates speak candidly about their regrets, their hopes and dreams, and how they cope with life inside this exotic prison. The jail suffers from chronic overcrowding with prisoners living in quarters many times more populated than intended capacity – no easy feat given the physical and mental toll such living conditions can take. To combat these struggles, inmates have access to several activities during their ten hour daily outdoor roaming period including gardening duties, screen printing classes in the facility’s art studio as well as monthly visits with family members – one of the most treasured moments within prison walls.

“Life Inside Kerobokan” offers viewers a rare glimpse into the complex lives of those behind bars—lives that many often overlook or ignore. This unforgettable documentary provides an incredibly important perspective on imprisonment in environments unlike any other – making it essential viewing for everyone interested in understanding not only life inside an Indonesian jail but also incarceration more broadly.

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