Life Cycles

Apr 10, 2024 | Sports, Videos

Life Cycles is an awe-inspiring documentary that celebrates the history and culture of mountain biking. Through intense 4K Ultra HD visuals, this film follows the journey of a bike from its manufacturing to its eventual retirement. The breathtaking cinematography captures the thrilling battles we face with nature in our everyday lives as riders, and highlights the evolution of biking over time.

The audience is taken on a kaleidoscopic road trip to explore various trail sites, fix up damaged bikes, create new paths, and ultimately witness destruction before rebirth. With narration from some of Canada’s best mountain bikers like Brandon Semenuk, Geoff Hopkins, Wade Schwartz, Brad McIntosh, Ryan McCaul Agassiz, Graham Hunter and Thomas Vanderham, viewers are sure to get a complete understanding of the sport.

This documentary is more than just about mountain biking—it’s a work of art that allows us to reflect upon our own journeys as well as those around us. Everyone who has ever ridden a bike will find something special in Life Cycles—an experience so powerful it will leave you feeling inspired! So if you haven’t seen this masterful piece yet, don’t miss out on this incredible ride: grab your friends or family and watch Life Cycles now!

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David B