Jun 21, 2024 | Nature, Videos

Leviathan is an award-winning documentary that explores the fascinating and often dangerous life of commercial fishing vessels. Through a captivating combination of shots, this surreal and thoughtful film transports viewers to a unique part of the world.

Without dialogue or narration, Leviathan cleverly presents its story in the form of a visual poem. The film follows fishermen on their daily routines, capturing both the beauty and cruelty of life at sea. It also reveals how rapidly changing technology has changed the traditional industry while simultaneously highlighting human courage and resilience.

Leviathan was praised for its breathtaking cinematography, mesmerizing editing, and its ability to capture the spirit of a community facing immense hardship yet determined to survive. To truly understand just how powerful this documentary can be, one must watch it for themselves! In doing so, viewers will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience that tells an important story about the nature of work in today’s increasingly digital world.

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David B