The United States of America has a long and varied history of subjugation and violence towards those deemed as lower classes. The cruel treatment of the indigenous population upon arriving in North America, the enslavement of African Americans, and more recently the implementation of laws designed to oppress and suppress the voice of those deemed to be inferior have all been key aspects of American life. As a result, in recent years there have been movements calling for reform and justice for those who have been wronged by the system.

The documentary “American Brutality” is an important exploration into this dark history. It looks into the stories, experiences, struggles, and successes that various groups have faced in their fight for justice in this country. Through interviews with activists, lawyers, victims’ families, law enforcement personnel, politicians and others involved in this fight it provides an honest look at how far we still need to go to ensure true justice.

The documentary also dives deep into issues such as police brutality—a topic that has become increasingly controversial as videos continue to surface showing police officers attacking members of marginalized communities with impunity. By examining specific cases such as Eric Garner’s death in New York City, viewers gain a better understanding of why there must be reforms implemented that make it easier for individuals who are victims of these injustices to seek justice.

Ultimately what “American Brutality” seeks to accomplish is helping viewers understand both how these injustices weren’t created overnight but rather are deeply entrenched within our society’s history. Understanding this history is essential if we want to truly tackle these issues head on instead of simply treating them like isolated incidents which can easily be forgotten about or dismissed.

I highly encourage everyone to watch “American Brutality”, not only because it brings much needed attention to critical issues facing our nation but also because it will help us all understand why change is so desperately needed if we want to move forward together as a country towards true equality and justice for all.