Lebanon Without Cedars

Aug 21, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The cedar forests of Lebanon have been an integral part of the country’s identity and history for centuries. However, climate change, illegal logging, and the recent economic crisis are threatening these ancient forests like never before.

These cedars have become a symbol of resilience and strength for the people of Lebanon; they have stood in defiance against foreign invaders, natural disasters, and even civil war. But now, with extreme temperatures and increased deforestation, these majestic trees are in danger. Illegal logging is rampant in the area and is decimating forests at an alarming rate.

The documentary “Cedars Under Fire” shines a light on this environmental issue that has been largely ignored by international media outlets. The film follows environmentalists as they take action to protect these forests from further destruction. It also examines how communities are impacted by the loss of their beloved cedars, highlighting both the emotional and economic ramifications.

We need to do something to save these cedar forests before it’s too late. Watching “Cedars Under Fire” can help raise awareness about this pressing issue facing Lebanon today—and we must all take action to ensure that these historic trees remain standing tall for years to come.

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David B