Lebanon after the explosion in Beirut

Jun 26, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

The explosions in Beirut’s port turned property agent and party king Johnny Assaf into an activist. As he coordinates the protests against Lebanon’s politicians, he accuses them of leaving the people to pick up the pieces. Volunteers across Lebanon are stepping up to help, bringing food, cleaning up, and caring for the wounded. The large number of Syrian refugees in Beirut, most in the port’s immediate vicinity, have been especially hard hit, with many of them having lost everything they owned. The explosions in the port were only the last straw in an epic and wide-ranging failure of the state, and critics have been blaming the country’s rigid and corrupt political system for the ongoing economic crisis.
Amidst all this, the question is: will the Lebanese give in to resignation or will their fury ignite a revolt? In this upcoming documentary by Theresa Breuer and Vanessa Schlesier, we’ll see how Johnny Assaf and other activists continue to lead the charge for change in Lebanon. Through their work coordinating volunteers and promoting unity, they’re hoping to build a better future for a country whose people have been through so much. Join us as we explore the resilience of Lebanon’s peoples and their fight for change.

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David B