Lebanon: A People in Crisis

May 12, 2023 | Crime, Environmental, Health, Justice, Medicine, Military/War, People, Social, Videos

Lebanon has been in deep turmoil due to the corruption of its leaders and one of its worst economic downturns in history. The country’s banking system has collapsed, leaving citizens with a drastic decline in their living standards. The currency has depreciated up to 90%, resulting in soaring inflation and shortages of essential items such as fuel, electricity and medicine.

The situation is so dire that some Lebanese are already referring to their country as a failed state on the brink of collapse. With an estimated poverty rate of over 50%, rising unemployment, and increasing crime levels, Lebanon shows signs of being unable to continue supporting its people without dramatic external intervention or help.

It is now more important than ever that we pay attention to this crisis and understand how it was allowed to unfold. The documentary Lebanon: Living on the Edge sheds light on the current state of Lebanon and provides insights into what caused the crisis and how it could be solved. Through interviews with experts, activists, politicians and everyday citizens, this film will take us through an unprecedented journey into the depths of despair gripping the nation today.

Now is our chance to take action by raising awareness about Lebanon’s plight, encouraging global solidarity for those affected by the crisis, and supporting initiatives that promote sustainable development in Lebanon. We should strive to learn from what’s happening there so that other countries don’t suffer a similar fate. So please watch Lebanon: Living on the Edge – it could potentially make all the difference in saving a crucial part of our world today!

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David B