Lebanon: A cultural melting pot – Mediterranean journey

Aug 24, 2023 | Culture, Travel, Videos

Join journalist Jaafar Abdul Karim on a journey through the Mediterranean, where he and his colleague Sineb El Masrar tour ten nations in two years. From political and economic upheaval to the scars of civil war, Jaafar’s home country of Lebanon is just one of the fascinating places they visit.
In the first episode, Jaafar takes Sineb on a tour of Beirut, a city where Christians, Palestinians, and Arab nationalists once battled each other and Israel. From there, they travel to Tripoli, where Jaafar meets groundbreaking activist Lea Baroudi and her “March” reconciliation project. They even explore Beirut on two wheels with Zeina Hawa, a cyclist with “Chain Effect.”But the trip isn’t just about sightseeing.

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David B