Leaving the ultra-orthodox – Jews seeking a new life in Germany

Jun 26, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

A group of ultra-orthodox Jews are leaving their strict communities, looking for a new life and a new relationship with God. Surprisingly, some find refuge in Germany, a country that was once at the center of the Holocaust. “Leaving Ultra-Orthodox Judaism,” a documentary following the lives of young adults who have made the radical decision to leave the only life they’ve ever known.
One man, Rabbi Akiva Weingarten, is helping his fellow Jews navigate the practical and religious challenges of starting over. In Berlin, he’s created a community of former ultra-orthodox Jews who have all left their communities behind. They’re not just forging new lives, but new spiritual paths as well. With insights from experts and interviewees, “Leaving Ultra-Orthodox Judaism” is a captivating look at a growing phenomenon that is reshaping the world of Judaism today.

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David B